Comic 230 - Behind the Scenes Special Part 4!
18th Nov 2016, 9:00 AM
Behind the Scenes Special Part 4!
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Author Notes:
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Written by Vincent Carbone
Art by BloodyHorse

And we round off our week-long look at Imperium's characters with the man at the center of it all: Tre Prower.

Tre is the character that Imperium was built around. He's the guy who holds everything together. There was a time when I had 50 or 60 ideas for stories floating around in my head, and I just decided to take the best elements of each and focus them around one simple idea. Tre was that simple idea.

I like Tre's character. There's an elegance to his simplicity.
Tre is a predictable guy. People with unlimited power are like that.
He's unstoppable when he is powered up, but he's clumsy and overconfident when he's not.
He relies on his natural talent, and has no skill or discipline whatsoever.
He's a bit of a prick, and he's not going to pass up a chance to make fun of you to your face.

Still, throughout it all there's the spark of a better man shining out from inside him.
A ball of pure, untapped potential just waiting to be drawn out.
I think that makes him worth watching.

The story behind Tre's existence as a character is a long and embarrassing one.
When I was young, and I mean YOUNG, my brothers and I used to take these day-long trips to the house of a very good friend of the family. Their kids owned a Playstation, and I spent a looooooooot of time plopped on the couch watching them play it. That was my introduction to characters like Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot, and Jack and Daxter.

And Sonic the Hedgehog.

That's what inspired Tre Prower. Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, technically he was a gritty re-imagining of the character Miles "Tails" Prower. That's why his name is "Tre." Because stupid, dumb, idiot me thought that Tails had three tails (he has two, you stupid moron).
Tre Prower started his existence as edgy Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction. Little 13 year-old me thought it would be a great idea to rewrite the story of Sonic the Hedgehog as a gritty dystopian epic. This is the part where you point and laugh.
I eventually moved away from the story's fanfiction origins, but I could never bring myself to drop the surname. It just seemed like a part of Tre's character.

The funny thing about writing fanficiton, however, is that if you do it badly enough, you're basically just writing an original story. It eventually got so far off track that it wasn't even Sonic anymore!
It's was my own story! My first real story!
And that story was garbage! I tore it up and rewrote it.
That next version was garbage too.
Tore it up, started again.

I reworked that idea for 10 years before I finally said "I have to publish something, or this story is never going to be told!"
I contacted an artist two days later, and Imperium launched a month after that.

I don't know if there's a moral to that story. Maybe something about how nothing is ever really wasted, how everything you make is a stepping stone to something greater later on.
I dunno.

Anyway, now you know some of Imperium's dirty little secrets. Maybe some day I'll tell you what inspired the Emperor's character.
But for now, let's cut the bologna.

Regular updates return next week.

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