Comic 137 - The Cast of Imperium Presents: A Very Important Message
31st Jan 2016, 9:00 AM
The Cast of Imperium Presents: A Very Important Message
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Author Notes:
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Written by Vincent Carbone
Art by BloodyHorse

Hey everyone! Today's comic is a little different from what we usually post, so there's going to be a bit longer of an Author's Note as well.

Ok, first things first: technically the 5th anniversary of the end of the Comics Code is on February 1st, but that day is a Monday this year and we here at Imperium update on Sundays so we all get to celebrate it a day early.

Next a few boring details about our sources:
The quotes used in this comic were taken from the version of the Code that was adopted on Oct 26, 1954. Specifically, we were working with that version of the Code as it was printed in the July 2015 issue of "PUNKS THE COMIC: CBLDF SPECIAL," published by Image comics.
For basic information on the history and enforcement of the Comics Code I relied on the resources section of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's website. They've got a ton of great information on there, all available for free.

Now to get a little serious...

I've been writing this comic for almost a year and a half now. I know it seems like it's dragging along kinda slowly, but we've done a lot in that time:
We've mocked some authority figures.
We've beaten up some cops.
We've talked about slavery and racism.
We've straight up killed a bunch of folks.
We've made fun of a chubby person.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is this: I honestly believe that Imperium is one of the best things I've ever done with my life, and the only reason I'm allowed to do it at all is because I live in a place where people are allowed to tell whatever stories they want to, no matter what other people think is "wholesome."

But there are still some people out there who think they know what's best for the world, and who try to stop others from publishing, writing, or even reading comics that they deem "obscene" or "offensive."

The right to create is not something we just have. It's something that needs to be fought for. Something that needs to be protected.

Fortunately, there's a lot of great people fighting the good fight right now.
To find out how you can help, check out the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
They're a great organization that fights to protect the First Amendment Rights of comic book creators, publishers, and even retailers and readers!

Check out their website:

(Note: The Cast and Crew of Imperium are not affiliated with the CBLDF and our statements do not represent them in any way. We just think they're a bunch of great people and wanted to give them some free publicity.)

Alright, that's all I've got.

Regular updates resume on Wednesday.
Will Tre still be getting his @$$ beaten off?
Will Old Bill ever be relevant to the plot again?
Do any of the readers even remember what the hell if going on?

Find out on the next action packed page of IMPERIUM!!!!!!

Rant over.

-Vincent Carbone

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Crossed, reading more issues doesn't make your use any less eye bleach. still a interesting book if you can stomach it.